I am passionate

about creating amazing websites and graphic designs for print and web. I have over a decade of experience creating, coding, and making businesses from small to big, reach success. My professional goals are to work with established and stable All-Star teams working on creative and impactive projects. I thrives in leadership roles and project management positions.

Beyond coding and creativity I would say my top skills are problem solving, fast paced work environments, strategic planning, compassionate and effective communication, time management, adhering to deadlines, leadership and training ability, and client consultations. If you asked what I am bad at, I would tell you it is cold sales.

My personality is friendly and easy going yet I have a business mindset and a very strong work ethic. I love a good challenge and can handle constructive criticism with a cheerful attitude.

You could say

that I have a way of creating exactly what a client visioned, only better. I am also great at coming up with fresh ideas. I take time to explain things and I always use a time and money conscious mindset.

Although I do have

four years of traditional education in Marketing and Communications, I have made it a point to stay up-to-date on all the current trends in my field giving me the equivalent of knowledge well beyond a Bachelors’s degree in web development and graphic design. I specialize in custom WordPress sites and coding and use all of the newest Adobe Suite products, especially PS and AI.

Skill Set: Html, Html5, PHP, Java, jQuery and all the other coding essentials… Adobe Suite Design Apps, Mac based Design apps, Custom LMS (complete eLearning systems/schools), WordPress, WooThemes and Woo Commerce, Shopping Cart Integration, E-commerce sites, Shopify, App Design, Print Shop Compliant designs, Print Books, logos, social media graphics, Promotional / Advertising Materials…. too much too list.


There is a lot more amazing work not shown in this portfolio and if your wondering if I have a certain skill, chances are that I do. Want to see more?  Just ask!!