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I am a Kaua`i Based

Boutique Creative Studio, providing uniquely tailored solutions for web design & development, brand strategy, marketing and other types of graphic design projects. 

My personality is friendly and easy going paired with a business mindset and a very strong work ethic. I love a good challenge and can handle constructive criticism with a cheerful attitude.

You could say

that I have a way of creating exactly what a client has envisioned, only better. I use my years of experience, empathy and intuitive smarts to creatively develop content and strategies that not only represent the soul of a company but also speak to the hearts, minds and pockets of their customer base. I am also great at coming up with fresh, fun and meaningful ideas. I take time to explain things and I always use a time and money conscious mindset.

Although I do have

four years of traditional education in Marketing and Communications, and several other degrees in holistic health, I also have 15+ years of experience in marketing, design and web development that you cannot learn in a classroom. I have backed up this knowledge with over 6 hundred hours of continued study and research in my line of work. I believe that this is honestly the only way to grow and stay on top! I have always hit the ground running and I am passionate about everything I do!


There is a lot more amazing work not shown in my portfolio If your wondering if I have a certain skill, chances are that I do. Want to see more?  Just ask!!


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